Hello! I grew up in Taiwan, a tropical island with a rich food culture. With heavy influence from food in China and Japan, over centuries the small island developed its own unique food culture based on locally available ingredients. Eating out in night markets is a regular activity where one can choose from a huge variety of food: scrambled egg-fried oysters, popcorn chicken, steam pan fried Shui Jian Baos and of course, the bubble tea which originated from Taiwan.

I’ve always wanted to introduce Taiwanese food to people in the UK. After a long career in market research, in 2019 I decided to follow my passion in food and set up Take A Bao to introduce some of my favourite street food. We set out to be a street food trader serving cooked food at food festivals, but in early 2020 we changed the way we operated as a result of the pandemic and started taking orders on our website and doing home deliveries. I make all deliveries myself and enjoy meeting my customers in person. This new way of trading will continue for the foreseeable future. 

My food is handled by me only – from production to packing and delivery. This effort is made in order to minimise the number of people coming into contact with the food I deliver to you.

Now back to my food…

Baos and dumplings are all hand-made with quality ingredients, most of which are sourced and supplied by local and regional suppliers. They are delivered frozen with step-by-step cooking instructions for you to cook and enjoy at home. Rather than giving you ready-made supermarket sauces and condiments, I provide my home-made chilli sauces and dipping sauces that best complement the food I offer.

To complete your food journey, why not have some of my very buttery pineapple cakes – they are made with fresh pineapples (never from tins!), slow cooked to make a special sweet pineapple filling. This is a unique Taiwanese cake and one that truly wows everyone, especially if you have a sweet tooth. Once you try one, you’ll come back for more!

My food contains absolutely no artificial colours, flavourings or preservatives. I use quality Taiwanese soy sauce which contains no MSG and preservatives. All colours in my food are from fresh vegetables including beetroot (the pink), carrots (the yellow) and spinach (the green). 

Join me on my exciting food journey. Whether it’s for a special treat, a birthday/special occasion or for a regular family meal, you will be glad to see some baos and dumplings in your freezer, especially when you run out of ideas!