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About Me & My Food


I grew up in Taiwan, a tropical island with a rich food culture. With heavy influence from food in China and Japan, over centuries the small island has developed its own unique food culture based on locally available ingredients. Eating out in night markets is a regular activity where one can choose from a huge variety of food: scrambled egg-fried oysters, popcorn chicken, steam pan fried Shui Jian Baos and of course, the bubble tea which originated from Taiwan.

Chinese food is about the careful preparation, the fun of watching food come to life with the sizzling sound, the joy of putting the food in your mouth and best of all, enjoying it together with friends and family.

I’ve always wanted to introduce Taiwanese food to people in the UK. After a long career in market research, in 2019 I decided to follow my passion in food and set up Take A Bao street food to introduce some of my favourite street food that millions of people enjoy for breakfast, lunch, dinner and frankly, any other time! Shui Jian Bao, literally meaning steam pan fried bao, is the all time popular food that is tasty, healthy and convenient. Come and watch me cook them in the traditional cast iron pans and turn them into crispy bottomed fluffy baos.

Along with these baos, from time to time I also offer some other dishes such as  Taiwanese cold noodles (summer only) and sticky rice meatballs, which are naturally gluten free.

Rather than giving you ready-made supermarket sauces and condiments, I am serving my home-made chilli sauces and sweet dipping sauce that best complement the food I offer.

To complete your food journey, why not have some of my home-made pineapple cakes – they are made with fresh pineapples (never from tins!), slow cooked to make a special sweet pineapple filling. This is a unique Taiwanese cake and one that truely wows everyone, especially if you have a sweet tooth. Once you try one, you’ll come back for more!

My food contains absolutely no artificial colours, flavourings or preservatives. I use the best Taiwanese soy sauce which contains no MSG and preservatives. All colours in my food are from vegetables including beetroot (the pink), carrots (the yellow) and spinach (the green). I occasionally also use matcha, which is pure ground green tea powder.

This is where my new journey begins……and I’d love to take you along with me!