Bao pastry contains yeast, so cooked baos are much bigger than when they are frozen. The pastry is soft and fluffy. Four baos are plenty for each person. If you are really hungry (or greedy!), you might want to have six. To eat them as a meal, I recommend adding a stir-fried vegetables dish to enjoy together with the baos. The Taiwanese pao cai (pickled vegetables) is a nice side dish to have with the baos, as the sweetness and the mild sourness from the rice vinegar with the crunchy vegetables really open up your appetite. I currently offer two meat and two vegan options:

Meat: Pork with Leek; Beef with Cabbage

Vegan: Tofu with Leek/Kale and Chestnut Mushroom; (new!) Sweetheart cabbage, shiitake mushroom and yuba (tofu skin)

I try to use seasonal and locally grown vegetables as far as feasible, so vegetables in the ingredients may vary from time to time. Other commonly used vegetables in the ingredients include carrot, spring onion and ginger. Please check detailed ingredients for allergy information on the Shop page.

Allergy notice: Contains wheat gluten, soy from soy sauce, yeast and sesame in sesame oil. Dairy and garlic free.